Rules For The Server

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Rules For The Server

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 13, 2017 3:12 pm

Theese are the rules to our sever:
No Prop pushing/surfing/killing/minging/blocking/spamming/Climb etc.
Adverts of any kind have a 3 minute cooldown
You cannot Advert and the victim be the same person for 5 minutes.
Terroists may only Terror in the streets.
Only Hobos can build in the street
Do not exploit glitches
If you find a glitch please report it to the Admins.
Only English is allowed
Any form of hacking or scripting (Avoiding AFK Timer, Aimbot,...) will lead to permanent ban.
Always follow Fear RP - the idea that you value your life and must act accordingly in dangerous situations to prevent death
Do not copy someone's name.
You are not allowed to give anything that you have from donating
No purges, wars or any kind of event which encourages mass killing.
Do not Fail RP.
Do not exploit/abuse any bugs or glitches, doing so will result in a punishment (depends on the situation), instead, report them on the forums
Do not build/kill in spawn.
Do not spam (this includes chat, stunstick, microphone / voice,...)
Religious discussions are not tolerated in this community as it tends to arise unnecessary arguments.
Do not use custom job to pretend to be another job that is on the list (or anything similar to it).
Do not spawn inappropriate structures.
You CANNOT sell or giveaway VIP printers, ammo or chargers to other players (they may use your stuff if you are basing together).
Do not block NPCs around the map.
Do not metagame, ever
You are not allowed to transfer any information from IC to OOC, or vice versa.
You are not allowed to base your actions on non-realistic stuff like seeing something through the wall(Keypad code you got while playing a different job, Name Tags, ).
You must place a hit by TELLING the hitman,
Only the gangsters/mob boss may mug.
Maximum mug amount is $1,000!
Obey NLR (You may return to the area but you may not affect RP in that specified area)
Nothing Offensive
Do not spray inappropriate sprays
Respect the Administrators (They handle the chaos m'kay?)


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